The Futurological Congress is an international project with the aim to address the problems of understanding, planning and creating the future as depicted in a profound and ironic way by the Lviv born writer Stanislav Lem. We want to attract a community of scientists, artists and free creatives (programmers, media activists, curators, culture experts etc.) who are concerned about the topics of future and its programming, controlling, reinterpretation, creation and anticipation.

Analogously to cybernetics, we think of programming as the assembling of a control code for automated system control. If reality is the system, future is its fully programmable component. Programming of the future is the attempt to become «the Creator» and to gain control over the unknown, to change the code in order to have an impact on it; it is an attempt to face new realities by using our experience and knowledge (which always represents the past) and trying to hack the yet not clearly conceivable. Where does the wish to hack God successfully lead? To the total control over The Database, to the freedom of creating the «new code» and changing the «basic code»?